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24 May 2014 @ 12:42 am
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Welcome to thisismaybelle.lj, ain't that interesting after all, hopefully you don't find this page a bore.
17 October 2011 @ 12:08 am

07 June 2011 @ 11:58 pm

Flying to Bangkok in seven hours' time!!
Keeping the excitement despite the swelling throat.

Yay, finally counting down :D
03 June 2011 @ 11:10 pm

& so that was teabag bleh leh leh nights out last Friday. It was one hella crazy night & i didn't manage to step in the dance floor a single bit. most of the time we were hanging outside or at the wine bar, drink drank drunk night? I can't depict that. It's been really long since we all partied like this, worth the night def'
On the side note, stay-home Friday rocks best. Spent the time organising my bedroom, it's in an insane huge mess, i can't tolerate it anymore. Stocks take for Neonmello's massive sales upcoming this weekend! (whoopee, nm only launched two sales per year, so do not miss this!) GSS? I'm keeping my pockets sane by saving bucks for my bangkok trip next week, yeah baby! Sales at departmental stores or shops doesn't work for me, perhaps those high-end brands yesssssss, i'm still waiting to get a new wallet and probably a tote bag, which brand should i go for? no particular favour this time round.
01 June 2011 @ 02:15 pm

Do support neonmello 's latest collection C55; It's Summer Loving Good at neonmello.livejournal.com/31413.html#cutid1
28 May 2011 @ 03:22 pm

It's been indeed long since we all last partied like no tomorrow. Exams set as a good tone-down; and once exams ended, the students partied like crazy again, namely the uol students; being ripped close to five month of anti-parties and social life. Last night's party was with teabags! EPICCCC NIGHT. Didn't even step into the dancefloor for long, in and out wine bar. Bumped into the tp people; Edwin, Steven, Giddynss, Tatyi, Geraldine, Yuting and a glimpse of Lingyu as she was club hopping but i didn't managed to catch Ronald! Jimmy was damn damn funny, lost his voice and he still can talk and talk, first to die and first to recover so so fast. and then came Ivan down and a special guest gone. Special guest name to be kept anonymous. Witnessed so many 'dying; corpse outside zouk, one on the grass patch and his friends just abandoned him there. Gerald thegspotman was tactical, he made two new friends with the help of the east siders, hawhaw. I could narrate through twitter, Yurica was amazed at my tweets, victory smile yay yes. I was indeed sober that i gave a detailed tweet timeline where everyone could look back at what had happened when they were the least sober and worse gone stage. Yuanlong, Vincent, Rui & I were the most sane i guess. All in all, teabags, time to train up! and please a healthier outing the next time round. Alcohol really kills. Lets go kite flying or smtg! Jimmy makes the best planner ever. I'll post the photos if there are not too unglam hawhaw, shall wait for Yurica's upload!

Good day all! it's family days for the weekend.
Back to editting NM's new launch.
26 May 2011 @ 11:53 pm
this calls for an "IJ spirits burning brightttttt..'' A song that chains back all memories as an IJ girl. Girls from all girls school are indeed different, how different, it's for you to judge, perhaps the main difference will be the culture. & so the ten of us embarked on a trip to Pulau Ubin last weekend! I was anticipating a one kind of relaxing trip; away from all the bustle of city life, well, it was more like a major work-out trip for all of us. The sun was at it's best, really the best being extremely ultra blazing. The only mode of transport besides those vans will only be bicycles. More under cut.
25 May 2011 @ 11:36 pm
Couldn't think of a suitable header for this entry. Holidays been really great thus far, almost a week since then. Yet to breathe enough freedom but at the back of my mind, i feel the need to look for a part-time job; a job that is flexible due to the fact that i've council commitments this holidays and also NM forms a bulk of my income as well. Many have asked, ain't NM keeping you busy enough? the answer is actually no, it served as a interest and something really part-time since i'm still a student. Hoping to get a job that is highly flexi, pay ain't the concern to me. If i get a job i'll work my heart out, but if i doesn't i'll work for NM then and then bummmmmmmm around. Anyway, i doubt i'll have time to really bum around, council gonna keep me busy, today's meeting was six hours long, holycow, a meeting could really drain all cells away, i'm feeling sleepy while typing these.. On the side note, visit to chomps with bf was love much much hee. Time to get some work done, do stocks count and wrap parcels. Have an early night World! 

It gonna be Granny's 100th tomorrow, what does that actually mean? Said, her soul won't be around anymore? For all i know, She will stay in my heart as a loving Granny forever and ever amen. I love you Grandpa Paulus and Grandma Anna.

Random, but i wanna roll on my bedddddddddddd
24 May 2011 @ 11:54 am

A little section on my newly launch at Neonmello. This time, i've got Shannon backed to model. & the pictures are taken by myself, the editing as well. Photoshop may be a chore, but i actually enjoy doing so. Through the experiences at NM, my web/photography/editing skills did improve somehow. Ain't easy as you think, owning a blogshop needs a very strong foundation; the starting part is the toughest, but once you gone through that point, profits will yield in abundance. I'm so glad we have passed the stage. If you like to know more or keen to start a new blogshop, i can share with you my humble pointers, hopefully it helps. Thankful for all the considerate suppliers; having good relations with them is extremely vital, constantly building up my pr with them, i guess it works somehow. Extremely thankful to all models who have helped us along the way, namely, Serene, Michelle, Gladys, Chelsie, Krisstle, Chloe, Fionne, Shannon, Linghui & Sharon. & of course, they do not just model for free, we give them incentives in return. If you're keen to help me, let me know too! I'll be very very glad. Under cut are some specially handpicked designs for this new launch.

24 May 2011 @ 01:39 am

It's been a pretty long hiatus from this journal; long pause due to examinations. Fear not, am backed am backed! First trip after exams greeted by Pulau Ubin together with the SJC girls! (& i did sang IJ SPIRITS BURNING BRIGHTTTT) The weather there ain't any better trust me, or perhaps worser than what we have here mainland, probably due to the absence of high-rise buildings over at Ubin. Bicycles have to be our best mode of transport despite the long distance between the resort and jetty. Guess, we cycled almost 20km in two days just to get dinner/back and fro from jetty and resort, the cycle repeats quite a few. & so, body aches like fuck now. Still, it's a extremely awesome and omg tiring trip - we expected a relax and slack one though. Visuals' credits all to Limin, her Canon was really powerpacked together with the help of tripod. 700+ photos and 6GB worth in two days. I shall blog a really detailed one after i'm done with downloading those pictures.

Gonna blog so much more often now, since it's holidays. Any jobs lobang please? :> I don't mind any decent job so long it's flexible timings due to NM and council to handle this hols.